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Gomez Addams (The Addams Family)

An elegant character

Gomez always wears suits that are retro in style but always impeccably shaped and cut. Here he is shown wearing a dark blue pinstripe suit with two rows of buttons. The whole worn with a small white clutch and a black tie. On the head, his black hair is slicked back and perfectly styled and his mustache is perfectly shaped.


A head of the family like no other

Gomez Addams is the father of the famous Addams family from the 60’s series adapted from Charles Addams’ comics. Living with his family in a rich but macabre gothic mansion, Gomez comes from a wealthy Spanish family. He is very wealthy thanks to the family fortune but also to the smart investments that allow him to have a rentier life. Like the other members of the family, he has some sort of supernatural powers but they are never really explained. Gomez has a passion for electric trains and loves his family more than anything else, especially his wife, to whom he has unbounded adoration and to whom he always gives little names in Spanish.


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