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Cousin Itt (The Addams Family)

An inimitable look

As in the series, Cousin Machin is represented with his long mass of brown/red hair whose details and movement are very well reproduced. He wears, as often in the series, an elegant bowler hat as well as sunglasses which are hung in his hair on ears that we do not see of course.


The strangest member of the family

Cousin Itt is one of the members of the famous Addams family from the 60s series. This atypical family lives in a large gothic mansion and is passionate about all things macabre. Cousin What’s-his-name is an Addams cousin who doesn’t live with the other members of the family but often visits them and has his own room in the mansion. His particularity is of course to be entirely covered with long hair. He has been seen wearing opera gloves, but it is not clear what or if there is anything underneath. He speaks in a language that only members of the Addams Family understand, but he is a gifted man with a very high IQ and a great seducer. After Tully Alford ripped off the family and died under strange circumstances, his wife, Margaret, was introduced to Cousin Machin and they got married and had a child together named What.


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