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Pugsley Addams (The Addams Family)

An almost model boy

As in the series, Pugsley is dressed in an almost normal way. He wears shorts with a relatively colorful striped shirt, black shoes and blue socks. At the level of the face, we can see that he is rather round and his red hair is accompanied by freckles on the cheeks. Finally, he is holding the leash of his domesticated alligator in his hand, which is shown with its mouth wide open.


A smart boy

Pugsley is the youngest boy in the Addams Family in the famous 1960s TV series about the adventures of the strangest and most macabre of families. They live in a large gothic mansion. The family lives comfortably on the inheritance of Gomez, the father, and his clever investments. Pugsley is a clever little boy who shares with his sister a passion for unusual pets such as spiders as well as dangerous amusements such as guillotines and electric chairs. He is the inventor of some of these machines.


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