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Uncle Fester (The Addams Family)

A disturbing physique

As in the series, Fester is an obese and bald man with very deep-set eyes always ringed with black. He wears this long black coat with a strange fur collar that never leaves him and always covers his other clothes. He stands very straight and a bit stiff and you can only see his feet sticking out under his coat.


An entertaining uncle

Uncle Fester is one of the main characters in the famous 1960s series The Addams Family adapted from Charles Addams’ comic books. The Addams are a strange family living in a large gothic mansion with a passion for all things macabre and dark. Uncle Fester is the uncle of Morticia, the Addams’ mother. He is a strange and eccentric man who raises falcons and has a passion for dynamite and anything that explodes. Like the other members of the family, he has a supernatural power, in his case that of emitting electricity. He usually shows it by putting a light bulb in his mouth.


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