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Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

A unique style

As in the series, Morticia is represented with her famous long black dress. This one has long sleeves and is very tight before flaring out from the knees and ending in points. She stands with her arms crossed and the only touches of color are the red on her nails and her ring and necklace. At the head, her thin black eyebrows are well represented as well as her long straight black hair with a simple forward motion.


A not really traditional mother

Morticia Addams is the mother of the family and one of the main characters of the famous series of the 60s adapted from Charles Addams’ comics and telling the life of a family not like the others. Indeed, the Addams live in a large gothic mansion and have a passion for all things macabre. They also seem to have supernatural powers, although these are never explained. Morticia is particularly recognizable for her distinguished look and her always very calm and composed attitude, which is very useful in contrast to Gomez, her much more eccentric and passionate husband. She always wears a long black tight dress and her black hair is always perfectly styled. She has as hobby the knitting but also the culture of carnivorous plants.


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