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Green Arrow (Arrow)

An improved costume

As for the previous versions of the character, we find this green sleeveless costume but with a little more details on the level of the attachments of the torso or the arms. With this, he wears black boots and green gloves matching his outfit. In his left hand, he holds of course his bow, his weapon of choice. At the level of the head, we recognize his famous goatee as well as the blindfold which hides his eyes and protects his identity. Finally, he wears of course his large hood.


The superhero finally takes his official name

Green Arrow is the superhero name of Oliver Queen in the series Arrow adapted from the famous comics of the DC Comics editions. The young heir to a very wealthy family had been presumed dead for five years but when he returned after surviving on a deserted island, he was determined to make amends for his father’s past evil deeds by tracking down the dangerous individuals on a list to bring them to justice. At the beginning, he only used his costume to keep his anonymity, and it’s only after several seasons that he took the nickname of Arrow and then Green Arrow as in the comics.


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