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Groot Moody (Avengers Infinity War)

A typical teenager

Funko has depicted him in this exclusive version of the character as he is seen in the ship at one point playing with what appears to be a gameboy. We find his body which seems to be made of wood exactly like a tree. On him, we find small leaves and branches that seem to grow on his body. At the level of the head, we find this oblong shape with moss and small shoots on the top. He also has an annoyed and bored expression as we can see it on his face during most of the movie.


A teenager in the middle of the war

Groot is one of the important characters in the movie Avengers Infinity War and this is his first appearance in the Avengers saga, this one having started in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This character is an alien of an undetermined race, a kind of anthropoid tree and rather intelligent. In the first movie, he had sacrificed himself for his team but Rocket had recovered a twig from him and made a new version of Groot grow. That’s why he’s still a teenager at the beginning of Avengers Infinity War and therefore still a bit grumpy. He and his team pick up Thor in space when his ship has just been destroyed by Thanos. Thor then asks for their help in order to go to the planet where his hammer originated so that he can be forged another weapon and join the other Avengers on Earth to fight Thanos. While some of them will go in search of Thanos themselves, Rocket and Groot accompany Thor to that planet and then back to Earth.


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