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Groot with cyber eye (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

Good intentions

For this figure exclusive to FYE stores, Funko has represented Groot in one of the funniest scenes of the movie when Yondu and Rocket ask him to go and get a specific object to be able to escape and Groot brings them everything he finds except this object. He is shown here wearing a cybernetic eye belonging to one of the crew members. He is also wearing the red outfit that the crew members make him wear for fun. At the level of the head, we find this so characteristic shape ending with small pieces of foam.


A young Groot

Groot is one of the main characters of the Guardians Of The Galaxy saga from Marvel Studios. These movies feature a very diverse team of different species as well as mercenaries and other bounty hunters who find themselves saving the galaxy by chance. Groot was a large anthropomorphic tree in the first film, but after sacrificing himself to save his friends, his friend Rocket collected some of his shoots to create a new young Groot. In the second film, when Peter Quill meets the father he never knew, he, Gamora and Drax follow him to discover his planet. Meanwhile Rocket and Groot stay on the planet where they crashed, to repair the ship. But they are attacked by Peter Quill’s former boss, Yondu, who still hasn’t digested his betrayal. But his crew, finding him too nice, mutinies and he finds himself a prisoner too. And so he will have to team up with Groot and Rocket to escape.


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