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Halloween Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

A purely Halloween look

For this figure, exclusive to Hot Topic stores, Funko has decided to represent Sora with this very gothic look that he is forced to adopt during this episode of the game. His usual colorful outfit is here completely black with a touch of red on the socks and a gray shirt. He has small bat wings and a sort of patch on his eye in the shape of an evil pumpkin. His hair is a little darker than average and his eyes are rimmed with black.


Sora the vampire

Sora is the main character of the video game series of the Square Enix studios: Kingdom Hearts. These games mix an original world and characters with Disney characters and characters from other Square Enix licenses. In the second episode, Sora, Donald and Goofy find themselves at the entrance to Halloween Town and decide to explore it, hoping to perhaps learn more about the Heartless. But as soon as they enter the city, Donald finds himself changed into a mummy, Goofy into Frankenstein and Sora into a vampire.


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