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Harley Quinn Impopster (Batman)

A not-so-discreet impostor

This figure is peculiar because it is part of a series that does not correspond to any particular comic. Indeed, the Impopsters series was created directly by Funko. As you can see, we find the figure of Batman with a tight costume, a cape, gloves, and the famous mask with bat ears. But instead of being black or gray, his costume is black and red with a card game pattern like Harley Quinn’s harlequin costume. You can also see that her face is white like the young woman’s.


The Queen of Diamonds dressed as Batman

Harley Quinn is a character from the DC Comics universe and is one of the most famous enemies of Batman. Harley Quinn was originally a psychiatrist at the hospital where the Joker, one of Batman’s greatest enemies, was committed. She eventually fell in love with him and helped him escape. She adopted a harlequin costume and they became a criminal duo. Harley Quinn does not particularly like to do evil but does it to please the Joker. She is particularly agile, good at gymnastics and martial arts and likes to use comically huge weapons.


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