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Hemorrhage (Rick and Morty)

A look that is more funny than terrifying

As in the series, we can see that he is very tall and muscular but his very minimalist outfit covering only his feet and his private parts tends to make him look rather ridiculous. What we think is an artificial arm made of metal is in fact just a glove and he also wears this huge helmet on which we find a drawing that looks like a skull or maybe some kind of octopus.


A husband like no other

Hemorrhage is the leader of the Death Stalkers, a group of survivors of the post-apocalyptic world that Rick, Morty and Summer visit in the cartoon Rick and Morty. He took control of the group after the death of Colossus and decided to accept Rick, Morty and Summer into the group after they killed the last leader, deciding that they had eliminated the weak blood of the group. Summer adapted very quickly and became friends with Hemorrhage and then married him after a few weeks. But after settling down in the post-apocalyptic equivalent of a suburban house, he began to spend all his time in front of the TV doing nothing and Summer finally understood the reason for her parents’ divorce.


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