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High Elf King Kyle (South Park)

A great elf

For this figurine from the video game, Funko has represented Kyle with the elf outfit he wears in the video game, worn over his usual clothes. He wears a kind of red dress with yellow edges and some symbols engraved on it. On his head, he wears a crown made of wood and holds a stick that seems to be a golf club. Underneath are his usual gloves and green hat.


An epic battle

Kyle is one of the four heroes of the trashy cartoon South Park and he is also one of the heroes of the video game which is the adaptation of South Park: The Stick of Truth. In this video game, a new kid arrives at South Park Elementary School (he is the character the player will control) and finds himself in the middle of a big role-playing game organized by the South Park heroes. Kyle is the leader of one of the groups, the dew elves, and is therefore the High Jew Elf King”. He fights against the humans led by Cartman to get the “stick of truth” which is supposed to give unlimited powers.


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