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Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia)

A murderous passion

Himiko is shown here with her usual outfit, a short blue pleated skirt with high socks and a rather large beige vest. She is also wearing a small traditional schoolgirl collar and holding a knife in her left hand. Finally, at the level of the head, we find her blond hair styled in two disordered buns on the sides of the head with this long fringe. On his cheeks, we find the two pink spots which often mark his excitement during a fight.


A dangerous villain

Himiko is a super-villain who is part of the super-villain alliance in the manga and the anime My Hero Academia. She was inspired by Stain who thought it was unethical to take advantage of her physical abilities to get paid to help people in danger. Himiko is a young woman who is always overly cheerful and shows sadistic tendencies since she seems to enjoy herself even when she kills. Her alter is Metamorphosis, allowing her to take on the appearance and voice of people after ingesting their blood. She can also almost disappear by emptying her head and holding her breath. Finally, she has a great mastery of knives, her favorite weapon.


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