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Hook with Excalibur (Once Upon A Time)

A Hook adapted to the real world

Funko chose to represent him with the clothes he wears in the real world for this second Hook figurine. Indeed if at the beginning, he keeps his pirate outfit, it is not necessarily very practical in everyday life. So he adopts a rather similar look made up of black clothes and a leather jacket which is close to his pirate coat. On the head, his face is well recognizable with his usual goatee and his hair always a little disheveled. As in the original story, his left hand is replaced by a hook. In his right hand, he holds Excalibur. The sword is marked with his name as well as Emma’s, which means that they are both dark ones” at this point.


The pirate turned good guy

Hook is one of the main characters of the series Once Upon A Time. He appears at the beginning of the season 2 and works at this time for the mother of Regina who tries to leave the world where Regina banished him. He will cross paths with Emma and Snow White several times. Being at first their adversary, he will gradually fall in love with Emma and will decide to fight by their side even if his feelings are not reciprocated. It is when he will do everything to come and get her back while she is in New York and has forgotten all about her true identity that she will realize that she loves him too. In the middle of season 5, he sacrifices himself not to release the powers of the dark one which are in him. Emma then decides to go and get him in hell, she will be helped by her friends.


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