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Hulk Gamerverse (Avengers video game)

A powerful hero

Funko has depicted the Hulk as he is in the video game. As always, his body is green and very muscular with wide legs and fists clenched in anger. He wears purple pants that seem to be made of the same material and technology as Iron Man’s armor. In addition, he has some kind of bracelets on his wrists. Finally, on his head, he has a very angry expression, a sneer revealing his teeth and his frown.


The Green Giant

From his real name Bruce Banner, the Hulk is one of the most famous characters of the Marvel universe and one of those to join the Avengers. He is a scientist who tried to reproduce the serum that transformed Captain America but created something completely different by irradiating himself with gamma rays. This caused him to transform into a very tall, powerful and angry green figure that made Bruce Banner very resilient. Even today, whenever he gets angry, he turns into this character. He was called to join the Avengers by S.H.I.E.L.D. when Loki came to New York with an alien army to take over the planet. In the 2020 Avengers video game, the Avengers have split up after the A Day disaster, but they’ll still have to get back together.


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