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Immortal Hulk (Immortal Hulk)

A powerful Hulk

Hulk is thus shown here controlling gamma ray discharges that he controls better and can even steal from other supernatural entities that can also control them. He is as usual all green with powerful muscles and wearing as always a partially torn purple pants. He holds in his hand a small representation of the Earth. At the level of his head, he has a malevolent rather than angry expression and his eyes shine with an unearthly green.


The Ultimate Hulk

Immortal Hulk is the version of this famous Marvel character on which the comic book series of the same name focuses. After Bruce Banner and the Hulk had to die and be reborn several times, Devil Hulk, one of the incarnations of the Hulk, finally takes over all other incarnations. He is more violent, bigger and stronger than the others, but also more intelligent and more willing to share his body with Bruce Banner. In these comics often more violent and gory only takes control of Bruce Banner’s body at night.


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