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Iron Man Deluxe (Iron Man 2)

A complex machine

For this deluxe figure of Tony Stark, he is represented in the complex machine that allows him to put on his armor. We can see him here with his red and gold armor complete but with the front of his helmet raised to reveal his face with his famous little goatee. The base of the machine is black and white and on the sides, there are two long yellow robotic arms in which are placed the arms of Iron Man while the machine is placing the last parts of its armor.


A dark secret

Iron Man, whose real name is Tony Stark, is the hero of the Iron Man movies from Marvel Studios. He is the son of the weapons genius Howard Stark and himself a genius engineer who inherited his father’s empire. Following the events of the first Iron Man movie, which led him to create his famous flying armor, his company began to shift its focus from weapons to defense. But in this second film, Tony Stark is at his lowest ebb. The Ark reactor that prevents the bomb shrapnel from reaching his heart is poisoning his blood and killing him. He is depressed and takes refuge in alcohol and debauchery. Meanwhile, Anton Vanko, the son of a former associate of Tony’s father, has vowed to take revenge for the fact that Tony betrayed his father and left him in misery. On the other hand, Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. are very interested in Tony Stark to recruit him for Nick Fury’s latest project.


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