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Iron Man (Iron Man 3)

A brand new armor

Tony Stark is always trying to improve his armor, so in each movie, we can see a slightly different version of it, either from a practical or aesthetic point of view. In Iron Man 3, it is the Iron Man Mark 43 version that we can see. Of course, we still find the basic red and gold colors and the shapes are not very different from the ones of Avengers or the previous Iron Man. However, we can notice that the new armor seems a little more complicated and sophisticated and especially, there is a greater presence of golden elements on the whole. Finally, as far as the face is concerned, Funko has changed its habits and has represented Iron Man well with his bright white eyes


A new version of Iron Man

Iron Man is an avatar of Tony Stark, the hero of the Iron Man 1, 2 and 3 movies. This is the name he takes when he wears the suit he created and which gives him extraordinary abilities: extraordinary strength, the ability to fly and powerful weapons. Tony Stark is basically a genius engineer and billionaire arms dealer. After being kidnapped by terrorists, he secretly creates a rudimentary version of his armor to escape. On his return, he perfects it and becomes Iron Man. He will continue his missions to protect humanity in Iron Man 2 and then in Avengers alongside other superheroes like Thor, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow or Hawkeye. In Iron Man 3, after coming so close to death, Iron Man will have to face a post-traumatic syndrome and a new enemy who may not be who he seems to be.


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