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Izuku Midoriya (My Hero Academia)

A superhero’s pose

Funko represented here Izuku with his complete superhero outfit and in the famous superhero landing” pose, crouching on the ground with a raised fist, already ready to attack. His outfit is a green jumpsuit worn with black knee pads and big red boots. He also wears a belt with accessories and finally, he also wears a funny helmet hiding his whole face. This one is also green with a kind of visor and bunny ears on the top of the head.


A real hero

Izuku Midoriya, also often called Deku, is the main character of the manga and anime My Hero Academia. In a world where almost everyone is born with an alter” giving them special abilities, Izuku was born without one. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting to join Yuei High School in the hope of becoming a superhero one day. It is his courage and determination that will attract the attention of the famous superhero All Might. The latter being sick and getting weaker, he decided to bequeath his “alter”, the One For All, reputed to be the most powerful in the world, to this young boy who, according to him, deserves it more than anything else.


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