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Joey Tribbiani Cowboy (Friends)

A department store cowboy

For this new version of the character, Joey is portrayed as a cowboy as seen when he works in a department store and has to promote a perfume named hombre”. He wears an all-white cowboy outfit with cowboy boots, bangs on the side of his pants and a shiny shirt. On the chest, there are classic patterns of a cowboy shirt. He also wears a very large white cowboy hat on his head and stands with his hands close to his pockets ready to draw his perfume.


Hard times

Joey Tribbiani is one of the main characters of the cult series Friends. Joey is an actor who is trying to break into the business despite a questionable talent and whose career knows ups and downs. For a while, he gets a role in a soap opera before being fired, then another one later which is cancelled before coming back years later in his first series. In the meantime, he played in a few movies and plays but nothing that really made his career take off. In the meantime, he often finds himself doing odd jobs as a salesman in stores or a waiter. Fortunately, he lives with Chandler, his roommate and best friend who, more than once, pays Joey’s share of the bills. He also has his friends Monica, Rachel, Ross and Phoebe to support him when his spirits are low and he is also a great seducer who will have a hard time finding love and a real serious relationship.


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