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John Watson (Sherlock)

Not quite Mr. Everyman”

In contrast to Sherlock who is a true dandy and therefore the gentleman style would not denote so much as that in the 19th century, John Watson has a style of the most ordinary. A style that finally contrasts with his real personality which is in fact far from being that of a “Mr. Everyman”. As almost always, he wears blue jeans with brown shoes. As in many promo pictures, he also wears a grey jacket over a checkered shirt. We can find many small details well done at the level of pockets and buttons. Finally, on the head, he remains quite classic but his haircut and hair color have been reproduced very faithfully. In short, a cute figure to match at least with Sherlock’s.


Doctor John Watson

John Watson is one of the main characters of the BBC TV series, Sherlock. This series of three short seasons of three episodes is a free adaptation of Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels, cleverly adapted to the 21st century. In this version, John Watson is a military doctor who has returned to civilian life after serving in Iraq. While he is looking for an apartment in London without having the means, a friend introduces him to Sherlock Holmes who is looking for a roommate to share his apartment at 221B Baker Street. Where in a classic series, Watson would be traumatized by the war, we realize here that if he has so much difficulty to readapt to the civilian world, it is for lack of action. What Sherlock is going to propose to him by associating him to his investigations of consulting detective. With his ordinary man look, we will realize that John Watson will do everything to upset his habits as often as possible. He is also characterized by this typically English humor which will work wonders in opposition to Sherlock’s personality and will play an important role in the success of the series.


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