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Sherlock avec son violon (Sherlock)

The Man in the Long Coat

For this first series of Sherlock figures, Funko has chosen to create two versions of Sherlock. After the first version in his classic long coat outfit, it was only logical that the second one would show him with his violin, which he plays regularly in the series. Although not very interested in social conventions, Sherlock gives great importance to his appearance and he always wears luxurious and perfectly cut suits. We find him here in an elegant black suit worn over a white shirt slightly open at the collar, which gives him, for once, a slightly more casual but still elegant look. He wears of course black shoes and holds in his hand his famous violin. This one is very nicely represented and has an impressive number of details given the size of the object. Finally, on the head, his face is very simple but we can recognize this curly hair so characteristic of the character.


A contemporary Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is the central character of the already cult BBC TV series: Sherlock. This series, consisting for the moment of three seasons of three episodes, is a contemporary version of the adventures of the famous private detective imagined by Arthur Conan Doyle. In this version, Sherlock is a private detective working both for himself and as a consultant regularly helping the police to solve the most mysterious crimes. He shares certain traits with the original version of the character: his high intelligence, his social maladjustment, here pushed to the stage of sociopathy, and his tendency to addiction. He also possesses many talents, including playing the violin. At the beginning of the series, while he is looking for a roommate to share his apartment at 221B Baker Street, he is introduced to Dr. John Watson, also looking for an apartment since his return from Iraq. Bored since his return to civilian life, he quickly gets involved in his new friend’s investigations, giving him the benefit of his medical expertise.


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