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Sherlock with skull (Sherlock)

An empty skull

On this exclusive Hot Topic figure Sherlock is shown wearing one of his classic black suits and a rather smart white shirt with the first two buttons open. But what is most noticeable on this version is the human skull he is carrying in his hand. Indeed, in one episode John Watson is not there to discuss with him and Sherlock finds himself testing his theories on a human skull lying around his living room and he says he doesn’t really see the difference with John. Finally, as for the head, his face is simple but we can recognize his characteristic haircut.


Sherlock and his new friend

Sherlock is the main character of the famous English TV series Sherlock, the modern version of the famous adventures of the famous detective and his friend Doctor Watson. In this modern version, Sherlock describes himself as a highly functional sociopath, which makes him rather cold and unreceptive to human emotions but gives his brain a great efficiency. He has at his side Dr. John Watson who, back from the war, is bored in civilian life and will help Sherlock in his investigations and also help him to communicate with others and make him more human. Despite their friendship, Sherlock sometimes tends to use him only to have someone to test his ideas on, even if it means using anything else when he’s not around.


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