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Mycroft Holmes (Sherlock)

English elegance

Like his brother, Mycroft Holmes likes to cultivate a typically English elegance. However, while his brother wears fairly modern suits, Mycroft wears very classic three-piece suits that would not stand out in a 19th century version of Sherlock Holmes. He has been represented here with a black suit with fine stripes, which we can see him wearing in some episodes and especially on the promo pictures of the series. A nice attention to detail has been brought to this figurine, so we find the small buttons, the watch chain or the red handkerchief and tie contrasting nicely with the rest of the outfit. Mycroft also wears black shoes finely made. His posture is very specific and corresponds, once again, to a promo photo of the series. Like a true English gentleman, he holds in his hand an umbrella that serves as a cane. Finally, his face is classic but Funko has added dark circles and that characteristic little lock of hair that makes the figurine particularly recognizable.


The Government Man

Mycroft Holmes is one of the important secondary characters of the English television series Sherlock. This series, which currently includes three seasons of three episodes, is a modern version of the adventures of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Mycroft is the older brother of Sherlock Holmes. We discover him in the first episode when he asks John Watson, his brother’s new friend and roommate, to watch him for him. What John refuses, thinking then that this one is an enemy of Sherlock. Mycroft has, like his brother, an extraordinary intelligence and is, like him, disinterested in any human contact. He has a very high position in the English government and more particularly in the secret services. He will be present, in a more or less important way, in almost every episode of the series. An amusing detail is that the character of Mycroft Holmes is played by Mark Gatiss, one of the two creators of the series.


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