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Moriarty with crown (Sherlock)

In the last episode of season 2, Moriarty sets up a whole plan to break into the Tower of London and steal the crown jewels. He manages to do so but voluntarily lets himself be locked up only to be arrested. He then takes the opportunity to sit on the chair and wear the crown jewels. This is how Funko represented Moriarty on this alternative version of this figurine. Pretending to be a tourist, he wears light blue jeans with a white t-shirt and white sneakers. He also wears the red velvet cape with white fur on display with the crown jewels and holds the famous golden scepter decorated with a large ruby. At the level of the head, his face is very simple but he wears the crown of England. This one is very nicely represented with its purple velvet base as well as the numerous engraved silver details and all the precious stones.


The King of Manipulation

A villain with styleJim Moriarty is the great enemy of Sherlock Holmes in the modern version of the adventures of the famous detective imagined by Conan Doyle. In Sherlock, the adventures of Sherlock Holmes take place in our time and the writers have very cleverly adapted the original short stories to the modern world. Sherlock is a detective who consults for the police and also conducts his own investigations. John Watson is an army doctor who is having trouble adjusting to civilian life, and he meets Sherlock at the beginning of the series when he is looking for a roommate. Jim Moriarty is mentioned in the first episode of the series when we learn that the serial killer cab driver has received his help as a consulting criminal”. We first meet him when he kidnaps John Watson to warn Sherlock to stop interfering with his business. Moriarty is the criminal counterpart of Sherlock. He is like him extremely intelligent and sociopathic. He also has a very particular sense of humor and a sense of drama that he shares with Sherlock, even if it is expressed differently in him!


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