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Sherlock Deerstalker Hat (Sherlock)

Sherlock and his famous hat

This Sherlock figurine is exclusive to Barnes and Nobles stores. Sherlock is represented as on his first figurine with the outfit we see him wearing most often, that is to say a dark suit and a long coat. We can guess a burgundy jacket under his coat and his blue scarf tied in the same way. He also wears gloves and black shoes elegantly matched to his outfit. On his head, his face is very simple and we can recognize his haircut. The difference between this figurine and the one from the classic collection is the hat. He wears here the famous deerstalker” hat that the detective wears in the books. In the series, Sherlock puts one on by chance in the hope of hiding his face and is photographed with it by a journalist and it becomes a trademark despite himself.


The most famous private detective

Sherlock Holmes is the main character of the BBC series Sherlock. This series is of course adapted from the famous novels of Arthur Conan Doyle but in a modern version taking place in the 21st century and thus taking advantage of modern technologies. In this version, Sherlock is a detective who regularly consults for the English police when they come across a particularly complicated or mysterious investigation. Sherlock is highly intelligent and considers himself a sociopath, even if we realize as the series progresses that he is more sensitive than he first appears. He is accompanied in his investigations by Doctor John Watson with whom he settles as roommates at the beginning of the series. He is an army doctor who has had a little trouble adapting to the return to civilian life. Their investigations are often inspired by existing Arthur Conan Doyle stories but brilliantly adapted to the modern world.


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