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Jim Moriarty (Sherlock)

The King of Disguise

If Jim Moriarty appears on this figure, and many times in the series, in a classic costume, he is not afraid to disguise himself to adopt another identity when necessary. This is a specific moment in the series that Funko has chosen to represent here. During the final episode of season 2, Moriarty visits Sherlock in his apartment when he has just been acquitted of crimes he had clearly committed. He is wearing a light grey suit and a beige tie. Following their discussion, Moriarty leaves, as a clue of his last crime, a red apple on the table. It has been nicely reproduced here in his left hand. Finally, his face is quite classical but we can recognize his black hair always plated backwards as well as the particular implantation of his hair.


The great villain of the series

Jim Moriarty is one of the main enemies of Sherlock Holmes in the modern television version of the adventures of this famous detective: Sherlock. In this 21st century version of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock works both as a private detective and as a consulting detective for the London police. Jim Moriarty is mentioned in the very first episode of the series, but we see him for the first time in the last episode of the first season. He kidnapped John Watson and gave Sherlock an appointment to confront him. It is then that we learn that he considers himself as the equivalent of Sherlock since he is a criminal consultant” and has like him a great intelligence. We find him at the end of season 2, when he sets up an ingenious plan to discredit Sherlock and make him look like a criminal. But while we think he is dead at the end of this episode, he reappears again at the very end of season 3 as Sherlock prepares to leave for a dangerous mission for the English government.


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