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Jon Snow bloody (Game Of Thrones)

Bloody Jon Snow

On this exclusive Hot Topic figure, Jon Snow is shown in his classic Night’s Watch outfit, all black. He is wearing a black tunic, pants, boots and gloves. On top of that, of course, he is wearing his thick woolen coat with a fur trim on the collar and shoulders. In his right hand, he still holds his Long Claw sword, given to him by Jeor Mormont, the former head of the night watch. On the head, we can recognize his usual beard and black hair, which is still not curly enough. What differentiates this figure from the existing one are the two big blood stains, one on the chest and the other around the eye, which represent the moment when he is stabbed by some of the men of the night guard.


Jon Snow betrayed by his own

Jon Snow is one of the main characters of the famous HBO series Game Of Thrones. At the beginning of the series, Ned Stark’s bastard son leaves Winterfell to join the Wall and become, like his uncle, a member of the Night’s Watch. He soon stands out for his intelligence and fighting skills. For a time, he infiltrated the wildlings on the other side of the wall before returning to Castle Black and managing the entire defense when the wildlings attacked the castle. He is then elected as the new leader of the night watch. But when he decides to propose an alliance with the wildlings by making them go to the other side of the wall to fight the army of the White Walkers, this does not please everyone and he is murdered by several of his own men. Brought back to life by Melisandre, he leaves the Night’s Watch and sets out to conquer Westeros.


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