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Jon Snow (Game Of Thrones)

A brother of the Night’s Watch

Jon Snow is shown in his black Night’s Watch outfit. We hardly ever see him wearing anything else except a variation of this outfit for training. As in the series, he wears an outfit adapted to the cold: pants, boots, a tunic and black leather gloves. Over this he wears a thick woolen cloak reinforced with fur at the collar and held in place by two leather straps crossed over the chest. Jon is also holding the Valyrian steel Long Claw” sword given to him by Commander Mormont. We can see the detail of the white wolf’s head on the pommel that he had added after the original bear head melted in a fire. Finally Jon is well represented with his black hair and the beard and mustache that he wears more or less long depending on the episode. The whole is very precise and faithful to the character, we only regret that he is represented with almost straight hair and not with his pretty characteristic curls.


The most important bastard” of the series

Jon Snow is one of the main characters of the saga “A Song Of Ice And Fire”. In the TV series that became “Game of Thrones” (after the name of the first volume of the novels), he is played by the English actor Kit Harrington. Jon Snow is the bastard son of Eddard “Ned” Stark, Lord of Winterfell and the North. Jon is the son that Ned would have had with another woman almost at the same time as his legitimate older son Robb Stark. But the mystery remains until now on the identity of Jon’s mother that Ned did not have time to reveal to him before dying. Very badly accepted by Catelyn Stark, the mother of Ned’s legitimate children, Jon decides to join the “night’s watch” at the beginning of the series. The Night’s Watch is the order sworn to guard the huge wall that protects the kingdom from the dangers that lurk beyond. Although he is particularly close to his brother Robb and his sister Arya, his involvement in this order will prevent him from taking sides in the events. On his first mission beyond the Wall, he finds himself playing spy among the “wildlings”, falls in love with the beautiful Ygritte and soon realizes that they are far from the most dangerous enemies out there.


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