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Jon Snow on Iron Throne (Game Of Thrones)

The place of a king

With this new series of figures, Funko has decided to represent all the potential pretenders to the throne on the famous iron throne. This one is made of hundreds of swords all partly recast to create this famous throne with a rather impressive look. He is shown sitting and holding the Valyrian steel sword given to him by Jeor Mormont after he saved his life. He is wearing his brown outfit consisting of pants and a simple but elegant tunic that represents the spirit of the Starks. As always, he wears a black cape with fur on the shoulders. Finally, on his face, we find the scars that remind us of all the battles he has already fought and his black hair is pulled back.


The bastard who became king

Jon Snow is one of the characters of Game Of Thrones whose story has known the most reversals. As Ned Stark’s bastard, Jon decided as a teenager to join the Night’s Watch like his uncle, thinking that it would be the only place where he could prove his worth. Showing himself to be particularly talented, intelligent and honorable, Jon is soon taken under the wing of the commander. After spending some time undercover with the wildlings, Jon returns to his people and, after finding himself commander by default during the battle with the wildlings, he is finally elected their new commander officially. But his willingness to make peace with the wildlings to fight the Night King’s armies will get the better of him and he will be murdered by some of his own men. He will be brought back to life by Melisandre and leave the night guard. His vacation” will be short-lived as Sansa will convince him to help her take back Winterfell from the Boltons, which will make him the new King of the North. In season 7, he will ally with Daenerys Targaryen, and a romance will be born between them while the spectator already knows that Jon is not only Daenerys’ nephew but that as Lyanna Stark had married Daenerys’ brother in secret, Jon is in fact more legitimate than Daenerys on the throne of Westeros.


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