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Junkrat Dr Junkenstein (Overwatch)

A mad scientist version

For this figure, exclusive to Box Lunch stores, Funko has represented the character with his special Halloween skin like Dr. Frankenstein. He wears a kind of scientist coat with buttons on the side and his artificial leg has a little steampunk look with this golden mechanism also present on his prosthetic hand. He also wears purple pants and gloves and big black boots. Finally, to complete his mad scientist look, his white hair is in all directions and he has nuts on his forehead in addition to his big protective glasses. The whole is completed by a big smile not really reassuring.


An assumed madness

Junkrat is one of the many playable characters in the multiplayer video game Overwatch. In the story, Junkrat’s character lives in the Australian outback when an omnium generator explosion devastates the region, rendering it uninhabitable due to pollution and radiation. Junkrat survives but becomes even more insane than he was before. He begins to live by dismantling the carcasses of ships and omnis that he finds in the devastated region. He will team up several times with RoadHog, who also lives in the area and who gradually went crazy insisting on continuing to roam the roads of this region.


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