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Kaecilius (Doctor Strange)

A former disciple

As a former disciple of the former one, Kaecilius, always wears clothes similar to Stephen Strange or Mordo with this time a dominant of yellow. He wears gray pants and matching gray and yellow boots. With that, he wears a gray long-sleeved tunic and a longer yellow tunic over it. The stitching details and decorations on his clothes are particularly well reproduced and make him a particularly good figure. Like the other disciples, he also wears a wide belt, quite delicately decorated with chains and other leather links. On the head, we can see that his face has been heavily damaged by Dormammu’s negative magic. His skin around his eyes is as if cracked and burned with shiny particles like stardust. On his forehead, we also find the symbol of Dormammu engraved on his skin. As in the movie, his hair is gray and styled in a bun at the back of his head.


The disciple gone wrong

Kaecilius is an important character in the Marvel Studios movie Doctor Strange, based on the famous comic books of the same name. It tells the story of Doctor Stephen Strange, a brilliant neurosurgeon whose life is turned upside down when he is involved in a serious car accident. His hands are severely damaged, making it impossible for him to practice his profession. After searching for all possible medical solutions, he meets a man who has completely healed similar injuries thanks to a kind of guru living in a remote village in the Himalayas. When he goes there, he will have to revise everything he thought he knew so that the ancient one” can teach him his magic. While he is still learning, the shrine is attacked by Kaecilius, a former disciple gone bad. Indeed, he has seized a forbidden book that allows him to manipulate time. His goal is to use it to suppress the notion of time and become immortal without realizing that Dormammu, a powerful evil being, is deceiving him and will take advantage of it to take over the Earth.


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