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Kairi Kingdom Hearts 3 (Kingdom Hearts)

A generous character

Kairi is represented here with her short pink dress closed by a black belt and decorated with rivets on the whole height. She is also wearing small black boots and white stone bracelets. At the level of the head, her red hair cut to the square with a wick falling down on the forehead. Finally, she is holding a small yellow star that she is holding out to the front.


A princess of heart

Kairi is a childhood friend of Sora, the hero of the Kingdom Hearts video games taking place in part in Disney universes. Both lived on the island of destiny until it was attacked and Kairi disappeared. She was saved by her friends Sora and Riu and also later saved Sora’s life when it was thought that his heart had been taken by the Heartless. She was actually guarding it with her own heart. Kairi is special because she is one of the seven heart princesses with a heart made of pure light and who are, for the unaware, a gateway to the darkness. In Kingdom Hearts 3, she trains to become a master of the keyblades to prepare for the final battle.


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