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Katana (DC Comics Bombshells)

A geisha warrior

As we can see, the style of Katana was reimagined to make it a style inspired by the pin-up aesthetic and much less practical than her usual combat outfit. We find this black kimono with a plunging neckline but shortened on the front to give it a more practical side. With that, she wears a red belt marking her waist but also gloves, her famous sword and an armor at the shoulder. Like the other figures of the series, this one is very neat with nice details on the tattoos on the legs and the patterns of the dress. On the head, we find his white makeup and his red dot at the level of the eyes as well as his traditional bun maintained by two red sticks.


Katana in sexy version

Katana is a character from the DC Comics universe who appeared in various comic book series but especially in Suicide Squad. Katana is a martial arts specialist and has a sword that allows her to lock up the souls of people she kills with it. This figure is inspired by a very popular series of figures where DC Comics heroines were re-imagined as pin-up girls from the 1940s. They were so popular that a series of comics was published from 2013 and imagining the history of these characters in a context of World War II.


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