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King Bran the Broken (Game Of Thrones)

A changed child

Bran is thus represented here on the wheelchair which is used to move around since his return to Winterfell and which also serves as a throne. He wears a long black robe, which is quite sober and which brings him closer to the maesters, the scholars of the kingdom. At the head level, we find his impassive face as well as his short brown hair falling down in small wisps on the sides and on his forehead.


An unexpected ending

Bran is one of the youngest sons of the Stark family and, like the other members of his family, he will have a rather surprising evolution during the series. In the first episode, he catches Queen Cersei sleeping with her brother Jamie and the latter pushes him out of the window to get rid of him. But Bran does not die and falls into a coma. An attempt is made to murder him in his sleep but he is protected by his wolf and eventually wakes up, alive but unable to walk. It is then that he begins to have strange visions of a three-eyed raven and premonitory dreams. When Theon takes the castle, Bran manages to escape on Hodor’s back, with his brother Rickon and Osha. They go on a long journey through the North and beyond the Wall, taking Meera and Jojen Reed with them, the latter also having visions of Bran. Finally, they meet the children of the forest who lead them to the three-eyed raven, a mythical figure who can see all events of the past, present and future. Bran finally accepts this role when the White Walkers attack and are about to kill the current three-eyed raven. From that moment on, he will not really be Bran even though he has all his memories. Back in Winterfell, he will help fight the Night King and when the war for the throne starts again and the kingdom is without a queen after the death of Cersei and the assassination of Daenerys, the nobles gather to decide and it is finally Tyrion who proposes Bran, a perfect king since he has no human passions and a perfect knowledge of everything.


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