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King Deadpool (Deadpool)

King of Burgers

We know that Deadpool likes to dress up and that’s what we find on this figurine. He is represented here with a classic king outfit with a long red cape trimmed with ermine fur and holds a metal sword in his right hand. In his left hand he holds a hamburger. Of course, all this is worn over his full red and black Deadpool outfit and at the head he wears a golden crown with red and green stones.


The king of the monsters

Deadpool is a superhero of the Marvel universe well known for his offbeat and rather black humor as well as his way of acting which is not always that of a hero. Indeed, he is an ex-assassin of the CIA reconverted into a mercenary. After agreeing to participate in scientific experiments in the hope of curing his cancer, he has become almost invulnerable but also terribly disfigured. He now acts under the name of Deadpool, rather for good causes but not hesitating to kill directly those he considers bad or to continue taking mercenary jobs. In recent adventures in comics, Deadpool has become the king of monsters.


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