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Korg gamer (Avengers Endgame)

Not really an appropriate look

Funko represented here Korg in his scene with Thor where they play video games. The Kronan race is more or less inspired by trolls and we can see that Korg is made of a kind of grey stone with some green touches. Being very strong, he doesn’t really fit in his flowered shirt and this one is therefore torn at the shoulders. With that, he also wears matching shorts and white sandals. At the head level, he wears a gamer helmet and he holds a controller.


A new life

Korg is a soldier of the Kronan race that we meet for the first time in the movie Thor Ragnarok. Indeed, after Thor loses his hammer and Asgard to his sister, he is stranded on a planet where he is taken prisoner to be made a gladiator. There he meets Korg, also a gladiator against his will who has attempted several failed rebellions. Thor becomes friends with him and Korg accompanies him when he flees the arena with the Hulk in an attempt to retake Asgard and accompanies him on his way to Earth when his ship is attacked by Thanos. In Endgame, we find Thor and Korg five years after their defeat against Thanos. Depressed that he couldn’t do anything to stop half the galaxy from disappearing, Thor has settled in a small village in Norway with the rest of his people and spends his days with Korg playing online video games. That’s when the Hulk and Rocket come to offer him a new mission.


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