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Kristoff (La Reine Des Neiges)

A Russian inspiration

In the cartoon Kristoff is an ice delivery man and lives in the high mountains, so his outfit must be adapted to the snow and the cold. He is a simple man who wears the same outfit throughout the movie, so the style of the figure was obvious. He wears a tunic and pants made of turned-up skin in blue/grey tones, with the wool details visible at the bottom, sleeves and collar finely represented. He also wears mittens and pointy boots, which make this figure particularly cute. This detail as well as the red belt and the few decorative elements of the tunic remind us of the strongly Russian inspiration of the clothing style of the characters and even of some scenery. Finally, if the character’s imposing stature cannot be represented, his scraggly blond hair has been perfectly reproduced.


Kristoff, the mountain man

Kristoff is one of the main characters of the Walt Disney cartoon, The Snow Queen, freely adapted from Andersen’s tale. Elsa, princess of Arendelle, was forced to live in seclusion after an accident caused by her power (the control of snow and ice) that injured her younger sister Anna. However, following the death of her parents, she must become queen when she comes of age. As she had feared, during the coronation she could not control her powers and decided to flee the kingdom to live in the mountains. Anna decides to go looking for her and that’s where Kristoff comes in. When her horse runs away and she has to face the storm, she meets the mountain man who agrees to take her on the sled pulled by his reindeer Sven to the ice castle created by his sister. Despite Anna’s decision to marry Hans (whom she has just met), feelings of love are quickly born between the two characters but this part of the story remains secondary to the main story between the two sisters. Kristoff is a strange character but sympathetic and with an offbeat sense of humor. We will also discover that he was raised by a big family of trolls, which may explain this strangeness.


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