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Lady Deadpool (Deadpool)

Deadpool as a woman

Lady Deadpool is shown here in her traditional black and red skin-tight Deadpool costume with her famous belt and waist harness for her weapons. She is in action holding a sword in each hand with which she is ready to attack. At the level of the head, we find her red and black mask and we can see that she has a ferocious expression. Finally from the top of her mask protrudes a long blonde ponytail.


An alternative Deadpool

Lady Deadpool is an alternative female version of the famous superhero Deadpool. She was born on the parallel Earth 3010 and has an equivalent background to Deadpool. Wanda Wilson was a mercenary and got her powers after undergoing medical experiments that also made her disfigured. When fascists took over the government, she decided not to take sides and became the bodyguard of an actor she loved. But when he took sides against the government, she decided to join the anti-government forces. She also became part of the Deadpool Corps, a group made up of Deadpools from different universes with Deadpool 616 at the head. Despite her regenerative powers, repeated head injuries have left her with memory problems and unstable mental health.


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