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Larp Deadpool (Deadpool)

A King of Disguise

Among Deadpool’s strange passions is a passion for disguises, which he always wears over his own costume. Here, he wears a very cheap cosplay and holds a sword and a wooden armor. He wears a kind of green toga held on his shoulder with a safety pin and wears black Converse. His wooden sword is half broken and he also holds a kind of shield. Finally at the level of the head, he wears a helmet hung around the head by a belt and maintained with scotch tape.


A strange superhero

Deadpool is a character from the Marvel universe who first appeared in the X-Men comics in 1991 before getting his own adventures. If he is at first an antagonist, he quickly becomes a kind of anti-hero, his intentions and methods not always being good. He is a former CIA assassin turned mercenary named Wade Wilson. He became a mutant in spite of himself when he agreed to participate in scientific experiments in the hope of curing his incurable cancer. He received the same regenerative abilities as Wolverine, but this left him disfigured. For this reason, he still keeps his black and red costume covering him from head to toe. Deadpool is particularly popular for his dark, offbeat, wacky humor and his tendency to break the fourth wall, to talk to readers and intervene to change his own story.


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