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Lawyer Morty (Rick and Morty)

A look not quite professional

If at first sight, Morty seems indeed to be dressed like a lawyer, by looking in detail, we realize that his look is not really professional. He wears blue pants with brown shoes and a gray jacket. But his white shirt is only half tucked into his pants and his pink tie is a little loose and crooked. Finally, his hair is styled on the side and he shows a little silly smile.


One of the many versions of Morty

Lawyer Morty is one of the many versions of the character of Morty coming from parallel dimensions in the animated series for adults Rick and Morty telling the adventures in space, time and dimensions of a young teenager and his grandfather, the genius scientist. We meet him during the episode where he defends Morty and his sister Summer against the council of Rick”. One of the Rick’s remarks that he is not even really a lawyer but that they keep him because he amuses them, which corresponds well to the totally delirious spirit of the series.


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