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Lola (Agents Of SHIELD)

The coolest vintage car

Lola is a vintage car but Coulson transformed it quite a bit over the years and made it a flying car and that’s how it is represented. We can find the characteristic line of the Chevrolet Corvette of the 60’s and this nice red color. We also find the chrome details on the front, the wrists or the mirrors. As Lola is in flight mode, its tires are turned over and held horizontally under the car with a nicely represented metal mechanism. Finally, Director Coulson is of course behind the wheel of his car. As on his classic pop figure, he is wearing a dark blue suit and tie and his little SHIELD badge. On the face, we recognize his characteristic haircut and he is of course wearing his black sunglasses. Lola is placed on a transparent plastic support to give the illusion of flying.


Coulson and his flying car

Director Coulson is one of the main characters of the series Agents Of SHIELD. Phil Coulson is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as he was first seen in Iron Man as well as in Thor and Avengers. He is initially an agent of SHIELD, the government agency in charge of dealing with alien threats among others. He is killed by Loki in Avengers but it seems that he was mysteriously brought back to life at the beginning of season 1 of Agents Of SHIELD. (This will be one of the mysteries to solve in the first season). In this series, he is the head of a small team: two specialists”, two scientists and a new hacker recruit. But their lives will soon change when they will learn that Hydra had infiltrated SHIELD for years. Lola is Coulson’s red car. It’s a vintage car that he modified with many gadgets and above all, he gave it the ability to fly.


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