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Love Ranger Metallic (Fortnite)

An angelic skin

Funko is representing the Love Ranger with a metallic look for this exclusive version of the skin, giving him an even shinier look. He wears bright pink pants with big boots. His upper body is gray/green like an angel statue with engravings on the chest and wings on the back. At the head, her eyes are white and her hair is short and slightly curly.


A warrior Cupid

The Love ranger is one of the many skins that the player can buy in game in the online video game Fortnite Battle Royale. Indeed, since the characters are not initially customizable, the player must collect skins, weapons or bags either in the store or by fighting other players, zombies or by finding caches during the game. The Love Ranger is part of the Royal Heart set, which is only available for a short time on the store during Valentine’s Day.


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