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Lucio Robot (Overwatch)

A funny robot

For this exclusive figure, Lucio is shown here with his robot skin. It’s a black and grey suit with big armatures on the legs that allow him to produce some kind of lightning when he moves. He also wears funny gloves with round ends that we can also see on his chest. On his head, he has a helmet that hides his entire face and an extra helmet on his ears as well as bright green eyes. Finally, he holds his famous sonic tool in his right hand.


A star to the rescue of the people

Lucio is a playable character from the online video game Overwatch. Originally from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, he is a modest young boy born in a favela. Being very gifted for dancing and singing, he started to perform in the streets and small halls to cheer up the population. Then Vishkar appeared, a reconstruction company promising that the work they were going to do would improve the life of the inhabitants. But the promises were not kept and they used their technology to control the population. Lucio couldn’t stand it and decided to steal the sonic technology they were using to control the people. There was a big rebellion around Lucio and they managed to get Vishkar to leave. Lucio became a worldwide figure of the social struggle that started to happen all over the world.


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