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Lucius Malfoy avec la proph?tie (Harry Potter)

A specific moment

For this FYE exclusive version, and as on previous figures of this character, Lucius is shown in his all-black outfit, well suited for a mangemort. He wears black pants and high boots with a nicely embroidered black tunic. With this, he is of course wearing a long wizard’s robe with matching patterns. At the level of the head, we recognize well his very clear blond hair. In the left hand, he holds his wand also serving as a cane with its silver tip with a snake head. Finally, in his right hand, he holds the famous turquoise crystal ball concerning Harry and Voldemort.


Voldemort’s right hand man

Lucius Malfoy is a secondary character of the Harry Potter saga who will become more important at the end of the fourth book and movie. Lucius Malfoy is the father of Draco, one of Harry Potter’s worst enemies at Hogwarts School. They come from a family of pure-blooded wizards for centuries. Lucius Malfoy was one of Voldemort’s most fervent servants when Voldemort tried to take over the world to rid it of all non-pureblood wizards. While we suspected from the beginning that he was not really dead, at the end of the fourth film, Peter Pettigrew gives Voldemort back his human form and Lucius is one of the first Death Eaters to return to him. In the fifth film, he sends him to the Ministry to retrieve a prophecy about him and Harry and uses the opportunity to lure Harry into a trap by making him believe that Sirius is his prisoner at the Ministry.


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