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Lumi?re (Beauty And The Beast)

A brilliant character

As in the cartoon, Lumi?re is a three-branched candlestick but in this new version, he is much more realistic to match his appearance in the film. Although he is a candlestick, Lumi?re has this time an almost human aspect, more like a statuette serving as a candlestick than a simple candlestick like in the cartoon. He seems to be wearing a kind of tunic and stands on two legs. His two arms are extended on the side to form the two branches of the candlestick. At the head level, we find a stylized human face with the two big black eyes usual in pop figures as well as eyebrows and a nose in relief. His mouth is drawn in a stylized way and surmounted by a thin mustache. On the top of his head, we find the place for the third candle already mostly burned. The whole character is golden and in a very detailed baroque style in the same spirit as the Cogsworth character.


The butler

Light is one of the secondary object” characters in the film Beauty And The Beast. This film is the live-action adaptation of one of Walt Disney’s most popular cartoons, which was itself an adaptation of a classic story. In this film, an arrogant young prince who refuses hospitality to an old woman falls victim to a curse. He is transformed into a terrible beast and only the love of a woman can free him. But the curse also affects the other inhabitants of the castle who are transformed into various objects. Lumi?re was the butler with a French accent who was transformed into a candlestick. He is still a great charmer, always full of energy and good humor. After the curse, he also became the Beast’s confidant. When the beautiful and intelligent Belle bursts into the castle to save her father who has been imprisoned there, the inhabitants of the castle see it as an opportunity to break the curse.


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