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Mad Max Rick (Rick and Morty)

Well suited to this ruthless world

For this Pop Rides figure, Funko depicted Rick in the clearly Mad Max-inspired car that he uses to escape after stealing the isotope. It has wheels like a tank and is painted and covered with lots of colors to match the punk universe of the episode. Rick is driving the car in his usual clothes, drooling and holding a futuristic gun in his left hand while driving the car.


Rick and Mad Max

In a season 3 episode of the adult animated series Rick and Morty, Summer and Morty ask their grandfather to take them on one of his adventures, not wanting to stay at home when their parents have just divorced. He takes them to a post-apocalyptic desert world very similar to Mad Max, where diesel-powered gangs are causing chaos. Rick’s only goal is to get a sample of the powerful 322 isotope, but Summer kills a gang leader, takes his place and begins to enjoy this chaotic life. Morty, too, is beginning to enjoy the fighting in Death Dome, although he initially agreed only to act as a distraction while Rick tried to steal the isotope.


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