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Margaery Tyrell (Game Of Thrones)

The new queen

Margaery is originally from Highgarden and therefore, as we can see in the series, she does not adopt the court fashion inspired by Cersei’s style, but follows the fashion of her home region, which only strengthens her opposition to the former queen Cersei. Margaery wears dresses that are often very low cut and sleeveless in mostly blue tones, again in opposition to Cersei. She wears here one of her most emblematic dresses. The bottom is light blue and the top is the same color but embroidered with golden flowers. We also find her strange little sleeves that discover her shoulders. At the level of the face, her eyes are not perfectly round to mark her famous eyes of doe. Her brown/red hair is nicely represented with those nice curls and the way it is puffed up on the top and partly brought back to clear her face.


A not so innocent rose

Margaery Tyrell is one of the important characters of the series Game Of Thrones, the famous television adaptation of George Martin’s novels: A Song Of Ice And Fire. The story takes place in a medieval fantasy world where several great families have long been vying for power and the throne, while in the far north of the continent of Westeros, the White Walkers are approaching without many people really paying attention. Margaery is the young daughter of the wealthy Tyrell family. In the first season, Cersei Lannister, the queen, arranges for the king to die during a hunting party because she fears that her friend Ned Stark will reveal to the king that his children are in fact the fruit of incest with his brother Jaime. The king’s two brothers, learning of this, each decide to leave the court to form an army and take the throne. The Tyrell family sides with Renly Baratheon, the younger brother, and Margaery marries Renly, even though he is homosexual. But when Renly dies at the hand of his brother Stannis, the Tyrell family changes sides and makes an alliance with the Lannisters when they are in turn attacked by Stannis. Margaery is then engaged to Joffrey, Cersei Lannister’s son. When he dies, she is betrothed to his younger brother Tommen. Although seemingly sweet and charming and rather benevolent, Margaery is very good at manipulating people to get what she wants, especially men. She will then come into conflict with Cersei for influence over young Tommen.


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