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McCree drapeau am?ricain (Overwatch)

McCree in US colors

For this Game Stop exclusive figure, McCree is shown wearing one of the skins players can get by participating in the August event, which is more or less based on the Olympic Games concept. McCree is still wearing his classic cowboy outfit with boots and a hat decorated with pistol bullets, but we can also see that his armor is in the blue, white and red colors of the American flag and his poncho is also made of the American flag. Finally, his gun with multiple barrels is also in the colors of the American flag.


Cowboy turned sheriff

With his futuristic cowboy look, McCree is one of the many heroes of Blizzard Studios’ popular game Overwatch. McCree was an arms dealer who, despite his ingenuity, was eventually caught by the police. But thanks to his skills, instead of going to jail, he was offered a chance to join the elite Overwatch troop. He accepted and became one of its most active members. After being disbanded, McCree found himself conducting solo missions, but this time he chose to dedicate himself to just causes to redeem his criminal past.


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