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McCree Summer (Overwatch)

Casual outfit

For this SDCC 2019 exclusive figure, Funko has therefore depicted McCree with his lifeguard skin. Indeed, instead of his usual cowboy look, he wears here a classic red lifeguard outfit. He wears red shorts with a white logo as well as red flip-flops and a whistle at the end of a cord of the same color. He also wears a straw hat, sunglasses and a towel around his neck. The only reminder that he is a fighter is the red glove that is usually part of his armor.


Quite a conversion

McCree is one of the playable characters in the popular online video game Overwatch. He was a prolific arms dealer who operated in the central United States. But when he was arrested by the police, because of his skills and knowledge, he was offered to work for Overwatch to redeem himself instead of going to jail. He accepted and became one of the agency’s top agents. When the agency was disbanded after the end of the war, McCree continued to work on solo missions to try and continue to right the wrong he may have caused as an arms dealer.


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